• Introduction to Class 5th Assessment
  • 1. Introduction to Class 5th Assessment

    2. Points / Clarity Regarding Grade-V Assessment

    3. Model Papers

    4. Marking Criteria

    5. Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

    6. User Registration for Portal System

    7. Datesheet - Grade-5 Universal Assessment - 2017



    The provincial government has determined to provide quality education in the province. Several reform initiatives have been taken to implement this agenda. The success of these initiatives is contingent upon improvement in student learning. Therefore, student learning at various levels requires to be assessed regularly to drive reforms aimed at improving teaching and learning.


    In order to achieve departments vision of universal and uniform primary education the department has decided to make it mandatory for all students of public and private primary schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to participate in the class V assessment in 2016-17 leading to universal examinations in 2017-18. Grade V assessment is planned in the last week of February 2017.


    Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISEs) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are made responsible for the conduct of assessment in 2017. In this connection, table of specification and model papers for each subject, taught and assessed at Class 5 level, are developed and uploaded on the website, which can be found here.


    The assessment will be based on Students Learning Outcomes (SLOs) from our National Curriculum 2006. These SLOs are also given in textbooks at the start of each chapter. Test questions will assess knowledge as well as its conceptual understanding/comprehension and application. Detailed paper specification and types of questions with examples can be found below:


    Points / Clarity Regarding Grade-V Assessment (Urdu Version)

    Following points are highlighted for clarity related to Grade-5 Assessment please:

    1.      The decision of grade-5 assessment in Private Sector Education has been taken under the direction of Elementary & Secondary Education Department Govt .of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The same assessment was conducted two times during the year 2015 and 2016 in public sector schools. The papers of the students were marked through OMR successfully.
    2. Due to unawareness, so many fears have been raised especially by the private sector. In this regard it is once again reminded that this is assessment not examination. Hence there is no pass or fail of students on the basis of this assessment.
    3. BISE Peshawar taking notice of these fears and smear campaign against grade-5 assessment, request that it is part of reform agenda of the government. Related to certain fears following points are highlighted for clarity please:

    Assessment is conducted as assessment on experimental basis and evaluation of students is going to be analyzed in various subjects. There shall be no pass or fail of students as mentioned above.

    b) So far as the question of available time is concerned for preparation of assessment still there are five months and furthermore, it is just an assessment and there should be no fear of any victimization on the basis of this assessment.
    c) The assessment is not based on text books rather curriculum based which is uniform for all sectors, Public and Private.
    d) The subject of Pushto which is not a compulsory subject for all yet. Hence the paper shall be offered only in those areas/school where the subject is taught.
    e) As it is an assessment the prime purpose of this assessment is to bring uniformity in education system of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Hence the message that it is against the private sector is a misnomer. The assessment is conducted in the greater interest of quality education and if the Private Sector has any observation it is requested to communicate it to BISE Peshawar.
    f) It is requested that all the stake holders take part wholeheartedly in the proposed assessment and lend support to reformist agenda of the Govt to take the future generation to a more quality education please.


    Model Papers


    Subject Name Table of Specification Download Model Paper Marking Scheme Student Learning Outcomes
    English Download Download Download Download
    Islamiyat Download Download Download Download
    Social Studies Download Download Download Download
    Urdu Download Download Download Download
    Science Download Download Download Download
    Maths Download Download Download Download
    Pashto Download Download Download Download


    User Registration for Online Portal System

    All Privately Managed Institutions at High / College Level have access to our Online Portal System. They should have a new Menu in their User Accounts with caption "G-V MENU" which can be activated after filling and submitting a simple User Update Form.

    Institutions at Middle & Primary Levels may apply online for the New User Registration through our Online Portal System. They will receive an acknowledgment of the User Form submission though an SMS from BISEP. Another SMS having their UserID & Password will be delivered to them after processing their User Request by the IT staff of BISE Peshawar.

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